Ham se mal nen Euro, Mister?

My everyday git aliases, used together in that order to rebase my feature branches:

> git cog 719
Checkout branch with "719" in its name (the JIRA ID)

> git rimp
Pull and rebase on master, interactively to review the commits

> git pof
Push origin force with lease


Das Meer ist wie ein Kaminfeuer, nur kälter.

How often do you edit commit messages in the git rebase todo list, instead of selecting "reword"? One of my favorite git UX issues. 🙄

Zero-uptime deployment.

Google calender: Appointment you decline stay in the calender: If the owner declines, it vanishes (which both makes sense, as this is the actual real-world situation).
With Outlook, this is exactly the other way round...

Merke: Wenn dich jemand mit dem Subject "Typisierung" anmailt, ist es nicht immer ein Headhunter im Bereich Java oder TypeScript. Es kann auch die DKMS-Spendenkartei sein.