Added lerna to an empty project and now have 370 external dependencies. Oh node ecosystem, we have to talk...

YES! 😎😎😎

Den mag ich: "The more reusable code is, the less usable it is.", aus "Building Evolutionary Architectures", Ford et al.

OH "Digga wie zuhause WLAN kennstu, so hab ich Internet in mein Handy drin, nä?!" #billstedt #kids

Alle vier "klassischen West-Parteien" kommen zusammen nicht auf eine Mehrheit. Meine Fresse.

Voluntarily writing tests.

Jemand ein Pils?

And it was outstanding! Best format for well-structured and productive discussion rounds! Thanks @OwlCowl for moderation/organizing!

Fishbowl discussion. Curious about this format. #offsite @s2engineers

OH "Bug-driven deployment". Live-coding Promises #offsite @s2engineers

Someone used the variables "needle" and "haystack" for an element search function. Which is funny actually.

"We don't want to depend on a single agency. Let's depend on all of them!"

1. Build teams around business domains
2. Colocate
3. One team per software built/shipped
4. Team decides technology and rules.

Fiddling around with @vuejs, and I really like it. Especially the v-model (read-write models). No more event handlers for trivial stuff.