URL is devtools://devtools

TIL: In chrome, you can open the developer console for the developer console.

Gerade für die Kids Toast Haw-Ei gemacht. Dafür komm ich in die Wortwitz-Hölle. 🤪

TIL: Outlook supports italic emojis.

Hätte mich gedacht, dass ich nochmal Table-Layout mache. Im Browser. Weil das der Tech-Stack ist.

"vi /var/mail/ubuntu" -> Whole VM no longer responding.

Test automation only works if the requirements author (client) can understand, agree with, and trust them. That's why unit tests can't replace regression tests (or even acceptance tests), and that's why (among other things) I believe in the testing diamond.

Managers, including senior managers, should practice Go See more. less.works/less/managemen…

Not to be confused with micro-management.

How to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes.
Forget the pizza in the oven. 🙄

GAOTW (git alias of the week):

git ac (add-all, commit)

Adds all (changes, new, modified) files, creates a new commit, takes single parameter: The commit message

!git add -A && git commit -m

Lo-Fi Grill.

Die Software an einem Formel-1-Wagen wird in 15min gepatcht und ausgerollt. Während das Auto auf der Rennstrecke ist, also nachdem es gebaut wurde. Da sollte sich so manch großer deutscher Autohersteller was von abkucken. 🙄

Der Moment, wo die alten Bon-Jovi-Alben rausgeholt werden #bleedingguitar

GAOTW (git alias of the week):

git rimp (Rebase Interactive Master Pull)

Catches up a feature branch with the team (check out master, pull, rebase interactive, review duplicate rebase commits)

rimp = !git checkout master && git pull && git checkout - && git rebase master -i

Still, I am against the testing pyramid. It should be a diamond.

Tests should not cause trouble when refactoring. If they do, you have too many, or they are poorly slided.

Ärzte und ihre Namen...

GAOTW (git alias of the week):

git cog 630

Searches all local branches for a pattern (e.g. ticket ID), checks out branch.

cog = !git for-each-ref --format='%(refname:short)' refs/heads |grep -F $1 |xargs -r -n 1 git co && :